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Feature Cars / Isuzu Geminis / Dave Jacksons 1981 Isuzu I-Mark (USA)


Owners Comments: This is an autocross car back in the states. Here’s a list of modifications:

Electromotive fuel injection
13X9 Kaiser wheels
Coil overs in rear
Quiaffe limited slip
Custom made watts link
300 lb. springs in rear and 800 lb springs in front
Koni and GAB adjustable shocks

My buddy took this car to the SCCA nationals two years ago. After day one, he was in the lead over 42 other cars. Day two it rained and the front drive cars did better. He finished 4th, but he did say I had the most popular (as in everyone wanted to know what it was) car in the class.

Feature Cars / Isuzu Geminis / Dave Jacksons 1981 Isuzu I-Mark (USA)