Following through to a conclusion... (PLEASE READ THIS!!)

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Following through to a conclusion... (PLEASE READ THIS!!)

Post by Poida »

Hello forum people....

Threads left unfinished are like reading a book with the last chapter missing.

One of the great features of this car enthusiast site is the sharing of knowledge.
Sharing means using the information provided by others then following through with your query
so others who later read your thread/post can use it as a reference.

:arrow: If it didn't help, say so.
:arrow: If it fixed the problem say so.

Please remember to follow through with any thread you start so others know what you did to solve the problem.

At the same time think your answer through carefully... eg. someone complains of a strong petrol smell while driving the car... you say open your window and go buy a brand X carbon neutraliser smell absorber... yeah it might sorta smother the smell but it didn't fix the leak... in other words you offered a patch up, a band aid... the car will still self ignite just as easily but you won't smell the warning signs any more.

This site is not about supporting Johnson & Johnson Band Aid producers, it's about fixing the problem be it a leaky tank or a fuel pump worn out.

:!: We strive to pinpoint the problem and then cure it, not patch it up.
I try to tackle one day at a time, but often several days attack me at once.

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